Step Back in Time.

Remember when life was simpler and people got together just to relax and enjoy each other's company with delicious baked goods? We're bringing those times back at our hometown bakery outside Lancaster, Pa. We have created a warm, inviting atmosphere where just the scent and taste of our handmade pies and baked goods will take you back and make you feel right at home.

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Handmade. Baked with love. Just like Mom's.

Welcome to Pies Galore & More in Mount Joy, Pa. We are a local, hometown bakery, offering delicious made-to-order specialty pies and baked goods. All items are made by hand, from scratch, with the freshest ingredients and the careful attention of local baker Donna Alexander.

Just Like Mom's.

“Handmade. Baked with love. That's how Mom did it, and there was nothing else like it. I opened Pies Galore as a tribute to my mom, Jean Groff, and moms everywhere. My goal every day is to recreate those delicious, high-quality baked comfort foods that we all know and love.” 
- Donna Alexander, Head Baker & Proprietor